Non-Disruptive Renewal of Mainframe Systems

By Rafee Tarafdar, Associate Vice President and Unit Technology Officer, Infosys, @InfosysPS

Government organizations run most of their applications on mainframe systems. With increasing citizen expectations, rapidly evolving technologies, and pressure to do more, faster and with less, they are investing in modernization of their mainframe systems. However, given the inherent complexity and risks, how can government organizations renew their mainframe systems in a non-disruptive manner?
The first step is to understand the mainframe footprint, its usage to support critical business processes,

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Be More Agile with Two-speed IT

By Michel Tourigny, Senior Manager, Infosys Public Services, @InfosysPS
Citizen and business demands are changing faster than government organization’s ability to address them. Straddled with a complex landscape of loosely coupled legacy and/or comparatively new-age IT systems, multiple stakeholders, skillset challenges, and constrained budgets, government IT organizations struggle to carve out time and budget from lights-on activities to invest in new areas.
A new model – Two-speed IT (or BiModal IT as referred by Gartner) – is generating a lot of interest

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Boundary-less Information Platform to Accelerate Data-to-Insights-to-Action Journey

By Michel Tourigny, Senior Manager, Infosys Public Services, @InfosysPS
Government organizations capture diverse data streams – transactions, operations, citizen data that includes their demographic profile, location, and preferences etc. – from various data sources. The existence of petabytes of information assets can help government organizations generate insights for improving service delivery, enhancing efficiencies, ensuring compliance, and eliminating fraud. However, government organizations have not been very successful in turning all their data into insights.
Studies estimate that government executives spend almost half of

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Play to Canada’s Strengths to Build A Quantum-Safe Future

Mike Brown, CTO, ISARA Corporation
“The challenge of protecting cyber systems and information is about to get a lot harder, thanks to quantum computing.”
—Greta Bossenmaier, Chief, CSE, delivering A Canadian Perspective on the Cyber Challenge, Lecture to the Canadian Association For Security and Intelligence Studies Symposium, September 23, 2016
It’s widely recognized that the global increase in cybersecurity attacks is not expected to slow. Those responsible for protecting data today can’t postpone or avoid cybersecurity fixes. Hacks are more public and more

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Inspire a More Creative Culture: What Mastering Creativity Means in the Public Sector

By: Nicole Gibson, Regional Marketing Manager Canada


noun cre·a·tiv·i·ty \ˌkrē-(ˌ)ā-ˈti-və-tē, ˌkrē-ə-\
: the ability to make new things or think of new ideas.
In today’s digital environment, it’s never been easier—or more difficult—to reach people. To get through to your audience, you need to be able to cut through noise and catch the attention spans of viewers (over the millions of other bright and shiny objects on the web).
This level of marketing success differs in the public vs. private sectors. First, the

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#LeadersGC: Why Cultivating Social Leaders in the Public Service Matters

By: Nicolino Frate,Director – Official Languages, Employment Equity and Diversity, HRB, Canada Revenue Agency, @nickfrate
It is important to explore leadership in the Public Service today and for the future, while integrating the concepts of Social Leadership and Social Branding in relation to this ever-changing landscape. There are six elements involved in being a social leader.
The first, a strong business acumen, can be defined by the possession of integrity in matters related to finances and HR, insight and decisiveness. Good

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Trying To Engage Talent In Your Company? The 5 Facts You Need To Know.


With employee engagement and retention weighing heavily on the minds of employers, it is important to know the facts, stop point fingers and develop a plan for success.
In 2016, employee engagement was ranked the #1 human capital issue. – Deloitte, Human Capital Trends 2016
Last year, only 13% of employees worldwide were engaged at work. – Gallup 2016
One in four employees believe they will be working for another employer within a year. – Harvard Business Review
Many companies are blaming

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