Awards FAQ

Who is eligible to be nominated?

Nominees, whether members of a project team or individuals, must be employed as an indeterminate, term, or equivalent employee in the respective level of government (including persons employed in the military, RCMP, crown corporations, boards and agencies) at the time of their nomination. The Distinction Awards do not award Deputy Ministers and department heads (Associates), except for in the leadership category.


Who/what is eligible to be nominated?

Please see response above for ‘who’ is eligible to be nominated. In order to meet the requirements, nominations must meet the following criteria:

– Must be a public sector initiative

– The Project must be complete, and the nomination should state the completion date

– Must have received executive approval (GTEC assumes that submitted Nominations have been approved and the nominated department/organization has approved the content)

– Must include an Endorsement Letter (or contact information for an individual who could be contacted by a judge for an endorsement

– The Project must be related to technology (but not just IT) and must fit into one of the Awards categories

– The Nomination must answer all questions on the ballot

What is the nomination period?

The nomination period begins March 31 of the previous year (2015) through April 1 of the current year (2016).


Why does GTEC Ask for Endorsement (Reference) Letters or contacts?

A user perspective is often helpful to the judges in understanding the positive outcomes of the project. An endorsement letter (or contact) provides an independent or arms-length assessment of the project as a success, and substantiates what is articulated in the nomination. An endorsement letter does not have to be signed by any particular level, but it is strongly recommended that the letter should not be signed by the lead executive overseeing the project. Letters should be signed and dated, and should not be written by the person submitting the nomination, or the Nominee. Letters must be addressed to: GTEC Awards Committee, c/o Silvia Villon, 360 Albert Street, Suite 620, Ottawa, ON K1R 7X7.


Can you further explain the status of a completed project?

Whether it is a pilot or a completed project, the nominated project must be completed (e.g. go live) by the February/March timeframe (at the latest) to ensure that complete results/benefits can be realized and presented in the nomination ballot. Since the ballot requires substantiation of results, nominators should carefully consider whether the project has yet produced evidence of results. The completion date is set to put the focus on measuring the outcomes of the project, rather than the success of the project in getting to go-live.


What if an initiative falls equally between 2 categories?

Nominations should only be submitted to one category. However, if you believe the project is a fit in multiple categories, please select the other category(ies) in Section I of the Ballot that may apply. Judges reserve the right to move a nomination to another category, if they feel it would improve the nomination’s chances of moving forward.


Is it possible to submit/nominate into more than one category?

Please select only one category for your nomination. If you believe your nomination could be a fit in other categories, please list the other categories on page 1 – Section 1 on the ballot. Judges reserve the right to re-classify any nomination to a more appropriate group/category and to request supporting material.


Which category have I been nominated in?

Nominators select the appropriate category (one only) at the time of submission, but may also indicate other category(ies) they feel the nomination could apply. Judges reserve the right to move a nomination if it is agreed that the nomination would be better served in another category. If a move is proposed, the nominator will be notified in advance by the GTEC Judging Committee.


What is the deadline to submit a nomination?

The deadline for Team projects is June 6, 2016 and for the Leadership Award is July 25, 2016; both by 11:59 PM and emailed to [email protected]. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any EXTENSIONS.


What does it mean to be an “Honouree”?

The Distinction Awards Program has two stages of judging. The first round of judging selects a list of nominations to be announced as “honourees” in the late summer and recognized with a team award (certificate) at a special reception in the Fall, prior to GTEC. Distinction Award Medalists are selected from the Honourees, through a second round of judging where a single medal per category is awarded as “the best of the best” among the honourees. Being selected as an honourees means that your project and team will be recognized nationally for your accomplishments, and will also have time to celebrate your success. All Honourees are also invited to participate in the Distinction Award Gala where Medalists are announced.


When are the Honourees announced and posted to the website?

Honourees are announced and posted to the website 2 months prior to the Gala event, in the September timeframe.


Where are the previous/archived Honouree and Medalist listings located?

They are located on the GTEC website under the Awards & Gala tab in Archived Medalist and Honouree Listings.


What is the Honouree Reception?

This special reception, held one month out from the Gala, is intended to welcome and showcase the Honourees of the Distinction Awards program. The event is by “invitation only” and each Honouree project receives up to 10 invitations.


What is the difference between the Honouree Reception and the Distinction Awards Ceremony and Gala?

The Honouree Reception is a reception to welcome and recognize the Honourees and their project teams. The Distinction Awards Gala is the final celebration, where up to 16 medalists are announced from the group of Honourees.


What is the format of the Ceremony and Gala?

The evening consists of a Welcoming Cocktail reception followed by a seated Awards Ceremony, and finishes with an Awards Reception with plentiful food stations, networking and non-reserved seating.


Who can attend the Gala, i.e. can Vendors associated to Honouree projects attend the Gala?

The Gala is attended by Honourees and their teams, public and private sector professionals, and government executives (elected and appointed). Click here for information on Gala Tickets.