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#LeadersGC: Why Cultivating Social Leaders in the Public Service Matters

Nicolino Frate
By: Nicolino Frate,Director – Official Languages, Employment Equity and Diversity, HRB, Canada Revenue Agency, @nickfrate
It is important to explore leadership in the Public Service today and for the future, while integrating the concepts of Social Leadership and Social Branding in relation to this ever-changing landscape. There are six elements involved in being a social leader.
The first, a strong business acumen, can be defined by the possession of integrity in matters related to finances and HR, insight and decisiveness. Good leaders are accountable for their decisions no matter the outcome. They also understand the importance of meaningful communication and active listening, as well as a sense of self-awareness. Being rooted in emotional intelligence allows you to develop your weaknesses and maximize your strengths.
Social Leadership is also about providing ongoing recognition to your teams and remaining authentic, building trust and co-operation amongst your colleagues which increases engagement and lead to results. Lastly, real visibility is a core component to the #SocialLeadership which I will be discussing at GTEC’s Leadership program on November 1, and is directly related to #LeadersGC. This initiative helps to promote many of these aspects and allows for collaboration across our nation about topics that are crucial to being at the forefront of change. By creating the #LeadersGC platform, we have encouraged public servants to weigh in on important discussions via Twitter chat series. The topics have ranged from leadership and innovation, health and wellness, to diversity (to name a few!).
If you’re interested in exploring more on what it means to be a social leader, or wish to participate in our #LeadersGC mini breakout sessions, please join me for my presentation in the afternoon of November 1st, followed by the #LeadersGC and #GTEC segment.