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About GTEC

GTEC is Canada’s internationally recognized forum for excellence in innovation and government service delivery. For over two decades, it has served public sector enterprises with learning and professional development, an annual conference and exhibition showcasing major technology solutions, and an awards program that celebrates excellence and achievements across all levels of government in Canada. Our expertise makes us your right choice for learning, leading and connecting with information management (IM) and information technology (IT) in Canada.

Crowd-pleasing event expertise
Every year, we attract over 4,400 participants to our flagship Conference and Exhibition. Here, we offer businesses and public sector enterprises an expertly planned and managed gathering place to share ideas and advance the business of government through technology.

Learning focused
GTEC offers professional development featuring thought-provoking main stage presentations, seminars, panels, webinars, workshops and round-table discussions on a comprehensive selection of topics related to public service technology.

Excellence driven
Through our prestigious Distinction Awards program, GTEC recognizes and celebrates the very best in IM/IT and service delivery in Canadian government today.

Passionate about creativity in IT
Throughout the year, GTEC is the hub where Canada’s top influencers in business and technology connect and share what they know and learn from each other.

About UBM Americas

UBM Americas, a part of UBM plc, delivers events and marketing services in the fashion, technology, licensing, advanced manufacturing, automotive and powersports, healthcare, veterinary and pharmaceutical industries, among others. Through a range of aligned interactive environments, both physical and digital, UBM Americas increases business effectiveness for customers and audiences through meaningful experiences, knowledge and connections. The division also includes UBM Brazil’s market leading events in construction, cargo transportation, logistics & international trade, and agricultural production; and UBM Mexico’s, construction, advanced manufacturing and hospitality services shows. For more information, visit:


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