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Call for Content Has Now Closed

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the program for the GTEC 2016 Conference & Exhibition. The Call for Content closed on April 15, 2016.

For 2016 our Conference Program will feature:

  • 4 exciting Conference Tracks that provide the framework for this years content
  • Concurrent sessions running on November 2 and 3 between 10:45 AM and 3:30 PM
  • 30 minute concurrent sessions; with one (1) 60 minute panel allowance per track (3+ speakers)
  • *Changes to Session length may be made at the discretion of GTEC.

2016 Conference Tracks:


OPEN GOVERNMENT & Citizen Engagement

Digital transformation requires an open and collaborative government that places citizen engagement and experience at the heart of its services. In this new digital reality, citizens expect their governments to engage in open, transparent and

governments need to “open” up their systems and (non-sensitive) data across different services.
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With the evolution of technology, we have moved from closed systems of communication to open (social) platforms; physical ground-based systems to disconnected radio-based (mobile) systems; explicit content prose to the deduced and inferred meaning (analytics) of

self-sourced locations-specific data centers to utilitarian (cloud) enabled forms of communication and interaction.

This track will explore the uptake and implications of social, mobile, analytics and cloud – SMAC – technologies and the impact they have on the way we work and play.
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New paradigms in personal, social, and organizational computing defy old assumptions of information system security. High profile events such as massive data breaches have led the public to question their own

This track will identify why these issues present significant challenges for businesses, government, agencies, and policy makers and how organizations can move forward.
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Organizations have significant investments in both their developed and purchased core systems. Beyond running the heart of the business, these assets can form the foundation for growth, innovation and new service development – building upon standardized data and automated

end, many organizations are modernizing systems to pay down technical debt, replatforming solutions to remove barriers to scale and performance, and extending their legacy infrastructures to fuel innovative new services and offerings.

This track will explore how a revitalization of the core, while modernizing IT to support the backbone of the business, will create the foundation for organizations to effectively innovate and grow.
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Submitting your Abstract:

In order to complete your submission, all mandatory fields MUST BE COMPLETED. Submissions will only be accepted in English (regardless of whether you choose to include both official languages in your presentation).

We welcome and encourage submissions for GTEC 2016 from government, industry, academia, health care and professional associations.

Important Note:

GTEC is seeking speakers who will interact with and engage our attendees to drive conversations before, during and after the conference! Abstracts that lead with a best practice or case study are always recommended. When suggesting a topic, please make sure your presentation summary:

  • is engaging, nonpartisan, and product agnostic
  • includes real-world examples and case studies wherever possible
  • short and succinct
  • includes a catchy and creative title

Critical dates to remember:

  • February 1 – Call for Content Opened
  • April 15 – Call for Content Closed
  • April 18 – 29 – Submission review
  • May 2 – 13 – All submitters will be notified as to the review decision*

*Please note that GTEC reserves the right to request that your presentation become a panel discussion, webinar, blog series, etc.

Presentations that do not meet the criteria for the conference program may be presented in a sponsored seminar or workshop program or sponsored webinar. For further information, please contact Terry Horsman, Director of Sales at

Requirements for selected abstracts:

Should your submission be selected for the GTEC 2016 Program, the following additional information will be required:

  • Professional Photo of Speaker(s) Note: format MUST be high-resolution (300dpi+) JPEG
  • Updated session title (if requested)
  • Updated abstract (if required)
  • Updated bio (if required)
  • Signed speaker waiver
  • Contact information for the following:
    • PR
    • Co-marketing
    • Executive/Admin assistant

Critical Dates for selected 2016 Program contributors:

  • May 6 – Deadline to submit ‘Additional Information’ (as listed above)
  • October 7 – Deadline to submit complete PowerPoint presentation

Contact Information:

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Perreault, Manager of Content & Program at