Shaw Centre Ottawa

Open Government & Citizen Engagement


Digital transformation requires an open and collaborative government that places citizen engagement and experience at the heart of its services. In this new digital reality, citizens expect their governments to engage in open, transparent and collaborative dialogue. To do this, governments need to “open” up their systems and (non-sensitive) data across different services. In this way governments can create a bridge across key public services, enabling seamless collaboration between agencies and jurisdictions, and provide a holistic view of the citizen. Embracing a new “open paradigm” means governments are better placed to drive innovation and introduce new digital economies, bringing in a host of other influencers, including developers and citizens allowing them to use the data to design relevant public applications and propose service improvements. Some examples of the topics that this track will explore include case studies focusing on citizen engagement, smart cities, various open data initiatives and the policy-implications of an open government.

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