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2016 Leadership Program

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Unleash Your Public Intrapreneur

In·tra·pre·neur·ship (n) 1) Successful adaptation of entrepreneurial attitudes and strategies inside of a bureaucratic organization. 2) Implementation of start-up practices within a large organization, producing valued innovation.
Join us as we reimagine the role of the public servant and explore the impact social leadership and intrapreneurship are having on both the leaders of today and tomorrow in the public sector.
This interactive full-day program, built on a framework that looks at the organizational and human dimensions of leadership, will also deliver experience-based, practical ideas and approaches that delegates can implement for themselves, in their own organizations, and specifically within the public sector.

Participant Objectives:

  • Learn what is driving the need to refresh your leadership skills and competencies to lead in today’s fast-paced digital world

  • Gain hands-on instruction on how to leverage social media to brand YOU

  • Leave this session with a professional social profile and the skills to continue your social journey