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Press Centre Overview

Welcome to the GTEC Press Centre. Here you will find helpful information to guide you through the press registration process.


Press Registration Information

Online Press Registration is now open. A limited number of media passes will be available onsite. If you are interested in attending the event as media, please review the required credentials below and reach out to GTEC PR Team.

Required Credentials for a Media Pass

Due to high demand, media badges are limited in number and will be issued only to representatives from news outlets, major analyst firms and leading industry blogs. To qualify for a complimentary media pass, applicants must cover the public sector technology industry on a regular basis and present bylined articles or reports published within the past six months. Publishers, marketing/PR professionals and other sales or C-level non-media titles will not be accepted.
Media passes are not issued to those writing confidential content or content solicited by an exhibiting company. Private consultants paid by an individual company are not eligible for a media pass, and should request a pass from the sponsoring company.
For more details, please see specific requirements for each of the following:


Reporters from online trade/business publications, newspapers and wire services must provide bylined articles published within the past six months. Outlets must contain original news content beyond links, forums, troubleshooting tips and reader contributions, and have a readership of more than 1,000 per month. Outlets must have a reporting staff of two or more and post industry-related news at least once per week.



Writers from internationally recognized market research or financial institutions who consistently write for regularly published newsletters and/or reports must provide industry-related reports published within the past six months that clearly display authorship.



Bloggers must cover the industry on a regular basis and must have written on the relevant market technologies within six months of requesting a media badge. Blogs must contain original, dated, industry-related news content above and beyond links, forums, troubleshooting tips and reader contributions.


Freelance Writers

Freelance writers must provide an article published within the past six months and must be on assignment from a news outlet to cover the event.


Broadcast Journalists & Photographers

Broadcast crews and photographers must present proof of affiliation with a media outlet as part of the editorial team.


Association Publication/Newsletter Staff

Reporters from internationally recognized magazines, newspapers or newsletters produced by industry associations must provide articles published within the past six months. Newsletters must have a registered subscriber base of at least 500.

Media credentials granted for previous UBM Americas events do not guarantee a media pass to GTEC. We reserve the right to refuse media badges without cause. For additional information please contact [email protected]

Media Lounge Hours and Briefing Space

There will be a working Media Lounge onsite available for registered media. This space is available to conduct interviews with attending exhibitors or speakers. Space is available on a first-come-first-served basis onsite.


The Media Lounge will be located on Level 2 (Show Office 2C) and will be open the following hours:

Wednesday, November 2 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday, November 3 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Interview Requests

To request an interview with GTEC Executive Director, Michele Lajeunesse, email GTEC PR Team.

PR Contact

[email protected]