June 7, 2016




7:30 AM – 8:20 AM
Registration and Breakfast
8:20 AM – 8:30 AM
8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
Simplifying IT Leads to Better Business Outcomes

We live in a world of complex IT environments. There are many pressures leading to IT complexity, including increased customer expectations, consolidation activity merging diverse applications and environments, and the need to support demanding and rapidly changing business requirements with increasingly sophisticated yet flexible solutions. IT complexity is not always a symptom of “things gone wrong”; sometimes it is simply the reality of the situation, part of the cost of doing business.

Whatever the source of their complexity, organizations must work to contain it and simplify their IT infrastructures. Given the explosion of complexity at all layers, there is accelerating urgency surrounding this task. Simplification drives a number of benefits, including improved user expectations, reduced costs, and improved operations. But perhaps the most compelling reason to simplify IT infrastructure is that for most enterprises, IT is not their core business. By simplifying their IT infrastructure, organizations can devote more of their resources to providing better services to customers and users, enabling innovation and increasing productivity for workers throughout the enterprise.

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Armchair Discussion: The WestJet Story

Join Ken Currie, Group Vice-President, Technology Public Sector, Oracle, in an intimate discussion with James Callaghan, Chief Technologist, WestJet regarding the airline’s journey in simplifying IT to lowers costs and deliver an outstanding customer experience. Background WestJet is the second largest airline in Canada and, by 2016, envisions itself as being one of the five most successful international airlines providing guests with a friendly and caring experience.

In 2012, to help achieve the goals of delivering an amazing guest experience and lowering costs, WestJet began an effort to take back control of its outsourced online booking system and improve the performance of its customer loyalty program (mileage awards), customer notification (gate and schedule changes) along with other applications and functions.

WestJet began the journey with two primary business goals:

  • Grow Guest Self Service to 60% by 2016
  • Implement a database platform that will provide WestJet’s customers an exceptional Guest Experience.

In order to achieve its goal of 60% guest self-service WestJet believed that it must deploy a database platform that will provide WestJet’s customers an exceptional Guest Experience. WestJet also believes that providing consistency of performance, regardless of workload, and improving service availability, especially during upgrades, are essential elements to achieve its goal. As part of its database platform requirements, WestJet considered platform supportability and the ability to consolidate databases to further reduce costs.

By taking control of the customer experience WestJet is closer to its 1.2 million active customers and is able to deliver its online services at lower cost and higher availability than before.

10:45 AM – 11:45 AM
Out of Line to Online; Verbal to Digital – A Cloud Journey

In a digitally enabled world customer and citizen expectations are changing rapidly. New service levels are the new normal. The modern cloud, with social, mobile and analytics built in is enabling IT departments in both the enterprise and public sectors to begin to transform their businesses, making IT services easier to use, able to innovate rapidly and capable of adapting to change quickly.

Shawn Price, Senior Vice President of Oracle Cloud Strategy, will talk about how we get our constituents and stakeholders out of line and online and from long service calls with long wait times to a digital journey with faster response times and more satisfying experiences, all while making IT simpler and more cost effective.