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Trying To Engage Talent In Your Company? The 5 Facts You Need To Know.

With employee engagement and retention weighing heavily on the minds of employers, it is important to know the facts, stop point fingers and develop a plan for success.
In 2016, employee engagement was ranked the #1 human capital issue. – Deloitte, Human Capital Trends 2016
Last year, only 13% of employees worldwide were engaged at work. – Gallup 2016
One in four employees believe they will be working for another employer within a year. – Harvard Business Review
Many companies are blaming the millennial generation for these employer woes. However, scapegoating a whole generation, which is now the largest cohort of the US workforce, isn’t going to secure your organization’s future success. Knowing that an engaged workforce is more innovative, more productive, and collaborates more effectively, employers need to focus on the solution.
Millennials intending to stay with their organization for more than five years are twice as likely to have a mentor. – Deloitte Millennial Survey, 2016
Getting co-workers to network with each other reduces the likelihood of turnover by 140 percent. – Personnel Psychology, 2016
A strong, diverse network leads to higher employee engagement, productivity and job satisfaction. When employees are engaging with each other from day one of onboarding, and have an accessible way to connect with colleagues around mutual interests year-round, employees are happier. When employees can easily collaborate on projects, learn about different functions of the organization, and connect with leadership, employers win.
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